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Connect Your Need helps to reach various services very quickly and easily on your finger tips.


CONNECT YOUR NEED (CYN) PVT LTD., information and technology solutions company started operations in 2020 in the smart city of Visakhapatnam. We started with a sole aim of transforming Digital promotions of your business and product usage to reach a wide customer base to increasing levels.
Our team of professionals develops software, which has many benefits for the future times with a combination of development and complete maintenance.
Connect Your Need built a restriction-less platform for connecting together Offeror and Seeker through, easy to use mobile application – Connect Your Need. Onboards multiple categories of Products and Services on single unique platform. Connect Your Need was initially established by a rugged three-member team with each one of us are highly enthusiastic and innovative go-getters. Connect Your Need has firm character to develop and expand limitlessly.

Our Values


CYN customer gratification limits are stretched to uphold the high expectations offering valued product delivery.


Our vision is to support our clients and community with true values, generous thinking and compassionate approach.

Value Potential

We encourage professionals with a passion for achieving goals and face challenges to craft new Digital Marketing process.

Our Strength

What Our Clients Say's

App concept was good and mainly We connect to our needs Within a certain kilometres And it was good We can connect easily to our needs by using the app

Raja Raghu


I think it's quite interesting app to find jobs which you are interested. We can't judge any application because there might be bugs as this is done my software team there might be some small errors to resolve those errors I guess app needs to be updated to make user interface as well as user experience.



Osm App 😊 My things were done easily nd quickly becoz of this app....My suggestion is to download this app nd get ur needs done quickly and easily 😊 Fully Secured.


Full Stack Developer

The app concept was very nice and yaa,by using the app we are connecting our needs very quickly.



App was very good and i reached my expectations,itwill helpful for those who are searching for was use app for all our needs.Finaly it was excellent app.



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Get the application. Our app is available in play store and app store as well.




+91 70133 67849


+91 70133 67849